VOLKSWAGEN GOLF IV Estate (1998-2004)


EVA CAR MATS  for Volkswagen production are bright, practical and modern solution to protect your car from dirt. The EVA floor mats, designed specifically for your car , match all curvatures of the floor to the maximum, keeping them clean and tidy.

Eva car mats are made from eco-friendly Sevilen material or EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). EVA is a new generation polymer product. EVA surpasses rubber and polyurethane mats due to its durability, flexibility, lack of smell, frost resistance up to -55.

Mats  are equipped with a  special CELL-CLEAN  system. This is an innovative cell technology that allows you to collect a huge amount of moisture, dirt and dust in the cells of the mat. Due to the honeycomb structure of EVA floor mats, dirt does not spread throughout the cabin, keeping floors and shoes clean.

Mats can be ordered in a variety of color combinations. To choose the color of the mat material is combined with the color of the fringing tape. It turns out an individual and exclusive accessory for your car.