About us

Eva car mats is a manufacturer of polymer (EVA) car interior mats in Lithuania.

Eva car mats is a manufacturer of polymer (EVA) car interior mats in Lithuania.
Our company
MB Eva Car Mats was one of the first companies in Lithuania to be established with a clear vision – innovative and eco-friendly car mats. From the moment of its foundation, the company has been actively working and strengthening its brand “Eva Car Mats”, which was soon registered throughout Europe.

In 2023, MB Eva Car Mats managed to establish itself among the 15% strongest companies in Lithuania. This was not only a success for the company, but also proof that consistency, commitment to excellence and the highest standards can produce remarkable results, even when compared to much older companies. It has been an inspiration for further improvement and business development.

Customer confidence
We are growing rapidly and successfully selling our products worldwide. The fact that a large proportion of our existing customers return to us to buy mats for their next car is a great recognition of the quality of our products and service. We are very grateful for their loyalty and proud to serve them again. Our aim is to ensure that every customer feels satisfied with the quality of our products and service. By paying attention to their needs, we strive for a long-term partnership and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Focus on the production process
We understand the importance of product quality, which is why we pay close attention to the smallest details throughout the production process. We choose only the highest quality raw materials to ensure that our mats are made from reliable and durable components. We carefully monitor the quality of the hemming, ensuring that the seams are strong and neat, so that the mats are resistant to mechanical stress and long-lasting use. We check sewing joints to ensure quality and robust hemming. All these factors contribute to the high quality and reliability of our products, ensuring that our mats are hard-wearing and can withstand daily use. Our mats are also equipped with fixing clips that ensure that the mats are firmly attached to the floor of the car. This helps to ensure that they will fit your car just like the original mats.

Organic product
Our EVA mats are made of eco-friendly and patented EVA material that is strong, lightweight and resistant to cold and moisture. They have no rubber smell and a unique surface that traps dirt and moisture. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material.EVA rubber is reusable. This means that it can be used and then recycled into new products, reducing waste and supporting sustainable production. A wide choice of colours and car models: Our product range includes more than 1,000 car mat models We also offer many different trim colour combinations, allowing you to customise the mats to suit your personal taste and the car interior. This gives you a wide choice and the opportunity to order mats to suit your preferences and needs.

Suitable for use in all seasons
EVA mats are suitable for both winter and summer use, so you don’t have to change mats depending on the season. However, if you change your car in the future, we hope you will come back to us for new mats. We have a large selection so you can find the right mats for your new car model.