What are EVA mats made of?
Eva Car Mats are made from EVA foam – ethylene vinyl acetate. This is a modern, non-toxic and safe polymer that has been widely used in the manufacture of children’s toys, sports and orthopedic shoes, sports mats and many others.

What is the thickness of the material? Why are cells needed?
The thickness of the material of the Eva Car Mats is 10-11mm. The cells on its surface hold water and dirt, evenly distributing them over the area of the mat. The size and shape of the cells are selected in such a way that water does not pour out of them even with a strong tilt of the mat. You can forget about the splashing puddles under your feet and spilled water when you pull out the mat from the cabin.

How are floor mats attached? How to care for them?
A Velcro fastener (Velcro contact strip) is sew to all Eva Car Mats from below, reliably fixing the mats on the floor. In the presence of standard mounts, mats are equipped with appropriate clips. You will no longer be bothered by floor mats ever moving forward.
Eva Car Mats do not require much maintenance – just shake them periodically and rinse with water if necessary.

How durable are they? How to behave in heat and frost?
Mats remain elastic at temperatures up to -50 degrees, do not get dirty and not afraid of oils, fuels and car chemicals. All these properties of the EVA material allow the use of floor mats for at least 3 years or 150,000 km of mileage year-round.

For who will these mats be the best choice?

  • For those who often travel in bad weather and at the same time want to keep the interior clean and their clothes spotless.
  • For those who love comfort and convenience in everything : mats made of EVA material are ideally suited to ensure the maximum of positive emotions from their use.
  • For those who are looking for an interesting design solution in the salon and, of course, for all those who love themselves and their car.

Floor mats are distinguished by a variety of colors : both classic and super-bright solutions are possible.